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'The Notebook' ended R. Kel's marraige

In the best news story I’ve read all week » Ryan Gosling made R. Kelly cry. Me too R. Meeeee tooooo! I’ll never forget the first time I saw ‘The Notebook’ I was at my ex boyfriend’s house. He wanted no parts of watching that movie, so he was in the other room building a bookshelf. By the last scene, the hand holding scene…you know the one…I was standing directly in front of the t.v. BAWLING. Sobbing my fucking eyes out. My ex came into the room and looked mega disturbed. He said he could hear me crying over the hammering he was doing. Lol’z. So, basically, I get it R. Kelly. I really do. Shit’s powerful bruh. (Follow above link for full story.)

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